Motakamel Plus Settings

Motakamel Plus Key Settings

  1. Handling the settings processor for quick and safe configuration according to default data or imported from Excel file.
  2. Creating the accounting unit and all its related branches, while inputting its main data.
  3. Identifying the financial period, local currency, stock currency, used currencies, as well as defining the inventory units and interface accounts.
  4. Creating a main chart of accounts for all branches including their main and sub levels, and defining their approved classifications and groups of accounts.
  5. Defining cash and bank accounts and determining their related accounts.
  6. Creating main and sub items groups and linking them with the accounts, and creating items chart and linking it with the related groups and the inventory units.
  7. Creating detailed charts of accounts for clients, vendors and cost centers, and defining clients and vendors groups accounting to the organization needs.
  8. Defining sales and collection representatives’ data to be linked with clients, areas and their sales targets.
  9. Controlling the activation of the inventory’s outgoings in the selling price or transfer/receiving price.
  10. Selecting the options of dealing with item by assembly and disassembly from available stock as needed and specifying each items’ cost.
  11. Calculating the Tax to ensure.
  12. Determine the Tax calculation to prove the financial impact in the buying and selling operations according to Items’ multiple taxation, whereas services by sector or Tax type.

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