Customers & Sales

Customers & Sales

It controls revenues from the sale of goods or services by receiving customer requests, submitting quotations and issuing invoices, following up customer balances and debt ages.

Main Configurations:

  • Add customers’ groups, classifications, and sales territories.
  • Define salespersons and collectors and linking their tasks with targeted clients.
  • Define sequences of invoices and returns.

Main Functions:

  • Add a customer to a group according to the approved classification.
  • Issuing price quotations and customer requests.
  • Confirm sales and returns by different payment methods.
  • Produce an initial sales invoice, which can be confirmed later after sales confirmation.
  • Confirm weight items sales, their measurements and quantities.
  • Direct impact of sales to the accounting system.
  • Generate total or detailed reports of sales transactions, customer balances and profit margin.

Main Features:

  • Provide the customers with promotions and free offers.
  • Indicate the value of the installments and their due dates in credit invoices.
  • Control the outgoing orders of the amounts with invoices.
  • Dealing with different types of items (goods, energy, service) with the possibility of selling based on serial numbers.
  • Accept all payment methods (postpaid, cash/cheque, credit card or multiple cards).
  • Show notifications for customers over debt or outstanding invoices.
  • Dealing with discounts as an amount or a percentage the item in the sales or return invoices.
  • The possibility of linking the customers to specific items that are easy to deal with in the sale.
  • The flexibility of dealing with taxes based on the invoice, item or payment method as per the country’s regulations.

Sales and customers are linked to Motakamel Plus through the inventory and financial impact of achieving the inventory control and cash flow required in the company.

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