Electronic Archiving

Electronic Archiving

Electronic Archive Define, index, and store documents in a database which can be quickly accessed and can be retrieved as well.

Main Configurations:

  • Design archive tree with multiple levels.
  • Design identification fields for documents to accommodate their data.
  • Build additional labels to expand search options in documents.
  • Distribute search templates as per the users’ privileges.
  • Add the privileges of functional groups to users within the facility.

Main Functions:

  • Indexing and storing documents in the database from multiple sources.
  • Access to documents with search options as per users’ privileges.
  • Display the document to print, send, or modify its data.

Main Features:

  • Organize and categorize documents which can be easily and quickly accessed by any user.
  • Ease of searching and accessing various documents through keywords and assigned privileges.
  • Get detailed reports for the documents and the users as well.
  • Save a backup of the entire content of the archive documents.
  • Configure a dynamic mechanism in retrieving documents to achieve rapid retrieval.

Electronic Archiving is one of Al Motakamel System’s specialized modules and it performs its full functions for the achieving the best security and integrity for the company.

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