Accounts Management

Accounts Management

A general ledger who manages the entity's cash and accounting entries and tracks its movements and financial statements.

Main Settings:

  • • Define local and foreign currencies to be dealt with.
    • Determine the financial period.
    • Prepare chart of accounts and cost centers by their classification and correlations.
    • Define cash and banks and link them to accounts and users.
    • Classify the types of daily entries used in the company’s statement of account.
    • Add interface accounts related to various financial transactions.


Main Functions:

  • Add journal entries to confirm the accounts due or adjustment.
  • Implement the company’s receipt/payment transitions both in cash/cheque.
  • Confirm outstanding/returned cheques to process them with necessary entries.
  • Distribution of customers’ payments on their multiple debts.
  • Implement the various letters of guarantee procedures by issuing, extending or closing them.
  • Prepare an estimated annual/monthly budget to control the allocations.
  • Issue credit/debit notes and enlist their balances in Journal Vouchers.
  • Approve and post the accounting transactions as per the company’s preset policies.
  • Issuing various reports which include activities, branches, accounts balances, miscellaneous transactions and financial statements.

Main Features:

  • Dealing with single/multiple daily receipt/payment Journal Vouchers.
  • Adjust cash to facilitate the company’s management according its policies.
  • Show alerts for cheuque or accounts’ exceeding limits so action can be taken.
  • The ability to suspend certain currencies in specific accounts.
  • Ability to use the default chart of accounts or edit it per the company’s requirements.
  • Document the items’ selling movements and prove their transactions in their related accounts.
  • Matching accounts between the bank and the company and confirm the necessary bank reconciliations.
  • Achieve daily follow-up via detailed reports.
  • Ability to quickly move from the statement to view the details in the original documents.
  • Evaluate the result of the activity through the income statement for a certain time-period.
  • Various processes are integrated in accounting system for various transactions and functions in the Motakamel Plus with the financial effects that corroborate the financial statements and the company’s actual results.

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