Human Resources

Human Resources Management System:

Integrated management of all employees' data. Delivers accurate and consistent information for management precise decisions making and organizing various necessary procedures to ensure simple human resources management at the organization.

Main Configurations:

  • Forming functional obligations according to the requirements of each department.
  • Entering the employees personal and occupational data along with their accounts and link them with their wages and salaries.
  • Preparing the organizational structure at its levels, tasks and job titles.
  • Preparing the staff evaluation requirements with official standards and multiple assessment periods.
  • Implementing the time periods to calculate the salaries issuance and the preparation of salary loans and staff vacations, allowances, and deductions.
  • Categorizing the training needs, courses requirements, and the implementation details.

Main Functions:

    • Prove of hiring procedures according the requirements of each department in its sequential measures.
    • Importing the coordinates of time attendance from the fingerprint devices and proof them to the employees.
    • Prove the infrequent employees’ allowances and deductions (bonuses, deducts, absence, etc…) in different calculating methods, individually or collectively.
    • Calculating the employees’ salaries details, issuance of pay slip, and proof of its receipt.
    • Issuing the staff warnings with the option of relating them with penalties to execute the determined punishment.

Main Features:

  • Identifying the functional and training needs that contribute to the employment planning, skills improvement, performance enhancement, and implementing their training programs.
  • Following-up and controlling the employees tasks, leave, loans, and their financial and in-kind trust imprests.
  • Easy to deal with the tax segments based on the work nature and the followed laws.
  • Quick calculating of the employees’ salaries according to multiple time periods (daily / monthly / quarterly/ etc.).
  • Special and integrated archive for staff documents and control the expired documents and follow-up their renewal.
  • Dealing with different operations as individually or collectively.
  • Possibility of linking tasks and assigned duties to the employees financial and in-kind trust imprest.
  • Adopting the development of the evaluation samples and standards with the staffs’ participation.
  • Generalizing decisions or announcements to all or some employees by selective communication types.

The Human Resources Management System accomplishes administrative and financial integration in building an organized enterprise by absorbing all the staffs who use Motakamel Plus Systems to enhance the financial unit of the organization and its institutional control.

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