Land Transportation

Land Transportation

Reserve and issue tickets, register sent parcels, track trips with GPS maps, record transactions’ revenues and expenses and post them to the accounting system.

Main Configurations:

  • Control the initial reservation duration to confirm the ticket issuance.
  • Determine the local or international tickets’ validations after issuance.
  • Confirm weight or type to determine the packages pricing methods.
  • Determine of debt limits’ notifications in the agent’s balance.
  • Select the method of linking the accounts at the route/branch level.

Main Functions:

  • Schedule trips according to their routes and weekly schedules.
  • Reserve passenger seats and issue tickets with the basic data.
  • Grant the reservations and ticket issuance to the agents based on their available balances for a specific number of seats.
  • Issue bus boarding card and print passenger luggage’s label after considering weight criteria.
  • Determine the excess luggage rates according to the route and type of luggage.
  • Register and confirm the parcel data to be sent and received and determine the price of the parcel by its type and weight.
  • Add bus meter readings for each trip to calculate the resources consumed.

Main Features:

  • Confirm the agents’ reservations by the numbers of seats.
  • The customer receives an SMS to be notified with the sent parcel or its arrival and delivery.
  • Deduct the due commissions to the agent from the available balance.
  • Diversified tickets prices based on the benefits perceived by the traveler as per the company’s policy.
  • Ease of changing ticket route, time or any other procedures depending on the options available in the company.
  • Monitor the users of branches and agents and issue reports related to their activities.
  • Speed of notifications for agents, POS and various renewable bus documents.
  • Design reports with options that the client wants in total, detail or quality and review them in tables or charts.
  • Export any data or reports to PDF, XLS, RFT files for review or printing.
  • The Land Transport Operations System closes its transactions in the General Ledger by recording the revenues and expenses of its transactions and post them to the accounting system.

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