Direct and fast selling of the products in retails and process all the exchanges and returns according to the company’s requirements.

Main Configurations:

  • Read the items’ barcode and issue sales invoice for the customers.
  • Confirm the payment of sales transactions via (credit, cash, credit card, multiple cards).
  • Dealing with the items’ settings, their substitutes, prices, credit customers and any other variables.
  • Issuing the return documents for exchange or refund as per policy.
  • Show the promotional or free offer item in the invoice along with the basic items for which the customer received the offer.
  • Execute specific discounts for the targeted items or the invoice value as per the min. discount value.
  • Suspend invoice for any circumstances relating to the customer or the seller which can be confirmed or cancelled later.

Main Features:

  • Supports Touch Screens to perform the functions conveniently.
  • Supports working independently from the main server and issue invoices to customers in cashiers to achieve prompt and efficient performance.
  • Supports adding POSs within the store to meet customer requests.
  • Add new items in the retail store and update them later in the accounting system database.
  • Ability to print invoices on Roller or A4 printers for credit customers.
  • Achieving the POS control via the shifts reports and matching them with the posted reports.
  • The possibility of opening a new invoice while remaining previous invoice totals intact to complete the payment.
The POS system performs prompt customer billing and retail payments with direct inventory and financial effect after posting to the Motakamel Plus.

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