Production and Industrial Facilities​

The Production Labs System manages the production processes with their resources and burdens at different stages according to production requirements and linking its functions with the Al Motakamel Plus to achieve the final product.

Main Configurations:

  • Add production stages of major and detailed items and their production functions.
  • Define the calculation method of the employees’ operational costs.
  • Define shifts and production machines in various departments and production halls.
  • Determine the product bill of raw materials at the level of production class.
  • Define the users of the departments to their functions in Al Motakamel Plus and determine their privileges.

Main Functions:

  • Add production orders with full specifications of the required product.
  • Issue the supply requests for raw materials for the production orders.
  • Edit a production order that contains details of the task assigned to the product at each stage.
  • Assign the scheduled tasks in the production list to the specialists in the production departments.
  • Monitor the completion of production tasks through operation orders as per their scheduling.
  • Approve the completed tasks in the departments and close their operation orders.
  • Issue production finished quantity outgoings request for supplying them to the inventory system to be sold and delivered.

Main Features:

  • Documenting operation costs in Al Motakamel Plus’s account as per the company’s procedures.
  • Display various alerts of production status in different departments.
  • Achieve full control via monitoring the production performance at all stages.

The Production Laboratories System integrates its functions with Al Motakamel Plus System to demonstrate inventory processes that are related to the production.

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