Trans. Pro

Remittances and Exchange System Trans. Pro

• The system gives the opportunity to become a modern banking company locally and internationally.

Main Configurations:

  • The system gives the opportunity to become a modern banking company locally and internationally.
  • It gives you the competitive edge over and delivers the remittance via your company within moments.
  • Increase the work efficiency, spread and expansion, increase the number of customers, increase cash remittances, and thus maximize profits and serve a large number of customers via linking all branches of the company and its agents through one automated system.
  • Real-time control of all transactions, invoices and receipts from any branch or agent simultaneously.
  • Ability to review all performance reports and transactions that are issued by the company at any time.
  • Keep up with local and international standards in your company’s banking activities.
  • Issuing suitable reports for various parties, such as banks, agent and clients…etc.
  • Facilitate work and increase employees’ productivity through automated transactions and prompt processing.
  • We offer a fast service through our offices in MENA Region, in more than 22 countries in Asia and Africa. We also provide remote technical support based on annual maintenance subscription.

Trans Pro Components:

  • Internal and external remittances system
  • Currency exchange system
  • General Ledger System

Main Features:

  • Create a chart of accounts according to a banking vision including the exchange hierarchy.
  • Create accounts automatically and the teller can specify the main account type only.
  • Select customers from the list and an account number sequence is created automatic according to last customer last number.
  • Issue cash and bank receipts.
  • Direct financial impact on accounts’ balances.
  • Review daily reports and financial statements with various total and detailed options.
  • Process the sale and purchase transactions of foreign currencies as per payment methods.
  • The possibility of buying or selling more than one currency at the same time in addition to receive in a currency and pay by another currency.
  • Edit and send outgoing and incoming remittances after documenting their data.
  • Auto encode the accounting entries for remittances and their impact on accounts automatically.
  • Review remittances and generate various reports.
  • Issue accumulative reports for the branches’ transactions and agents in order to match the daily transactions.

Many Benefits of Trans. Pro System:

  • Control the upper and lower limit of account balances.
  • Identify account statements on time.
  • Issue notifications of due cheques at any point of time.
  • Control the users’ privileges for each screen, transaction, account number and branch.
  • Complete integration between the remittances’ transactions, the currency exchange and accounts.
  • Linking branches to a central database and managing them from the head office.
  • Allow agents to enter outgoing remittances and issue incoming remittances.
  • Deal with customers’ accounts via withdrawal and deposit.
  • Flexibility of conversion in any currency and receive with any other currency.
  • Generate commissions automatically or manually.

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