Restaurants plus

Restaurants plus

An advanced system for managing restaurants sales, cafes and tourist parks of various types in different ways (dining-in, take-away, dining tables, delivery, catering, advance payment). The system is supported by a mobile application that is used by cashier and restaurant supervisors to facilitate the service in order for achieving accurate results and reports.

Main Configurations:

  • Define the restaurant’s data with its sections and the assigned shifts including all tables and the other activities.
  • Define the food types with their groups, menus and prices.
  • Define the system users at the service points, determine their privileges, define the staff with their tasks, and define the drivers with their tasks, shifts and areas of delivery.
  • Set up billing, delivery, and blacklist options to avoid false cases.
  • The restaurant system is integrated with Onyx Pro accounting system and Al Motakamel Plus accounting system as well.

Types of sales in the restaurant system:

  • Direct selling
  • Selling ​​reservation request
  • Selling distribution requests

Main Features:

  • Provides administrative, service and accounting capabilities that can process restaurant data accurately, confidentially, safely and efficiently which delivers results without errors.
  • Link several users to the service points as per the Multiuser feature in a safe and reliable based on the assigned privilege.
  • Developed with MS SQL SERVER database to achieve high speed and high accuracy in processing the transactions.
  • The restaurant system interface supports the use of touchscreens that has a clear and organized icons for better user experience.
  • The system is bilingual with English, French, Arabic and Turkish languages and is compatible Windows operating systems.
  • Print two copies of the invoice, one for the customer and the other for the kitchen to prepare the order, whether the order is for dining-in, take-away or delivery.
  • Supports multitasking to perform similar tasks when more than one user in a network working at high speed and outstanding performance.
  • Follow up the drivers as per their regions with the assigned orders to deliver them on time and settle the amounts they receive from the customers.
  • The user selects the system’ suitable interface.

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