Time Attendance

Time Attendance

A system that specialized in automated control of the attendance and management of the related variables of the employee's time and tasks and based on the Human Resources policy in the company and dealing with all kinds of fingerprint devices.

Main Configurations:

  1. Determining the time duration to calculate the attendance and departure of employees according to the company’s regulations.
  2. Formulating the different working hours at the organization according to the functional regulations.
  3. Defining the official holidays of each branch according to the country/ region laws.
  4. Connecting the fingerprint devices to the server in different ways of connections.

Main Functions:

  1. Import the staff attendance coordinates from the fingerprint devices to verify them based on the approved drawing mechanism.
  2. Calculating the attendance and departure of employees according to their working hours and attendance policy.
  3. Transforming the results of the time attendance processes to the human resources system.
  4. Obtaining cumulative and detailed reports on the time attendance of each employee at the organization.

Main Features:

  • Integration with human resources in vacations, duties, violations, penalties, warnings and notices for employees.
  • Quick calculating of the employees’ time attendance according to multiple time periods.
  • Dealing with employees’ leave of all types and the possibility of permitting leave by hour or day according to the firm’s regulations.
  • The possibility of dealing with the general break or individual break during the daily working hours.

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