Vendors & Purchases

Vendors & Purchases

Manages suppliers’ data, complete purchases’ transactions, calculates costs and generates reports.

Main Configurations:

  • Determine how free quantities and discounts are calculated.
  • Define the types of purchase orders as per the company’s requirements.
  • Add suppliers’ data and group them into various groups.

Main functions:

  • Enter incoming data and purchase prices of different items and link them to suppliers.
  • Edit purchase requests according to requirements.
  • Add price quotations to compare and analyze them for best results.
  • Add requests for freight and export services with their data and expenses.
  • Issue purchase orders specifying the supplier and supply information.
  • Issue instant purchase invoices and calculate cost and expenses directly.
  • Implement the approval procedures by type (FOB – CIF – CF) and supply them in quantities received to calculate the costs of purchase.
  • Confirm instant or external purchase returns for the current uesr or prior years.
  • Generate various detailed reports on purchases and suppliers with multiple options.

Main Features:

  • Easily record the cost of purchases at the unit level with its expenses.
  • The purchase order can be used more than once or until the quantity runs out.
  • Provide multiple reports forms for invoices, requests and purchase orders as desired by the customer.
  • Flexible handling of purchase taxes as per the country’s system.
  • Provide free quantities (bonuses) under competitive conditions that must be met.
  • Accurately monitor purchases and suppliers through detailed reports, with the possibility of putting them in ready formats from the report designer.
Purchases and suppliers are linked the Motakamel Plus Modules through the inventory and financial impact to achieve the company’s necessary purchase transactions.

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