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For Medium Enterprises


Accounting and management solutions, developed on MS SQL Server databases to address the accounting management tasks in facilities with limited activity.

To manage your facility by achieving the accuracy of performance and controlling the investment of your resources, To achieve balanced growth in your activity and in your business institutional construction and Motakamel Silver System is flexible in expansion and strong in performance.

Dealing with the Settings Wizard to achieve a fast and secure configuration with default data that is ready or imported from Excel spreadsheets and Create the accounting unit, and add the necessary information for it.

Top additions when upgrading to Motakamel Gold:

Multiple branches within one business activity and Multiple storage units per item and Multiple cost centers in the warehouse operations and link items/ categories to cost centers …etc.


Ability to stop any processes, accounts, or users for specific period of time and closing the financial periods per month or annually with transferring the balances to a new financial year.


The user can select the overall interface in colors, shapes, etc. to suit their preferences.


Manage the opening of new fiscal year, add its data and its accounting connections.


Creating user groups and give them their privileges according to groups, and control the granting or eliminating of the privileges for any user.


Schedule backups (daily, weekly, monthly) by backup numbers, times, and file location, to restore them at any time.

Motakamel Silver Usage Environment


  • Intel i7 processor and windows server 2008 64bit operating system
  • 1000 Mbps business network and requires a Net to get the service.

Reliability and Safety


Software has been developed on MS SQL Server databases and delivers high security and processing speed, and system features allow automatic backup to be maintained according to management settings.



At least a Core i7 computer running windows7 operating system



  • Installing Motakamel silver software on the customer’s server.
  • The specialist will install the CRM Mobile application service in the phone of the person who is responsible for running the system at the business.  


English, Arabic, French, Turkish, Indonesian.

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