Motakamel Plus ERP For enterprise organization via solutions that achieve performance accuracy.


For achieving balanced growth during business activities and organizational structure expansion.


For the flexibility and capability of expansion for achieving strong performance.


Motakamel Plus ERP For flexible configuration, user-friendly, secure data-saving and prompt outcomes.

Integrated accounting and administrative solutions developed on MS SQL Server databases meeting all changes in all different businesses sectors and activities in the financial and human resources management.

It handles many functions of the specialized professions such as Hotels, Restaurants, Projects, Medical Centers, Production Facilities, Documents Archiving, Transportation Management and other specialized requirements in the business market.

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Motakamel Plus 5.2

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The updated version 2020 comprises a number of new and developed features

* General developed features
* updates relevant to commerce
* updates relevant to manufacture and production sector
* updates relevant to health and medical sector
* updates relevant to banking sector

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Financial Software

General Ledge

The general ledger manages the record of all the accounts the company uses that tracks all related transactions.

Stock & Inventory

Manages all items with their data, prices and transaction details including inventory control.

Fixed Assets

A fully integrated solution for managing fixed assets. The system facilitates defining unlimited number of assets types.

Vendors & Purchases

Manages vendors’ data and executes all purchase transactions with their approvals, including all related costings’ calculations and generates various reports.

Customers & Sales

Manages sales revenues of products and services by receiving customers’ requests, generating price quotations and invoices, including the control of customers’ accounts and debit aging.


A point-of-sale enables direct and prompt selling in retail stores and processes items’ exchange and return in accordance with the business set of roles and policies.

Motakamel Plus ERP Systems

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Specialized Software

Production Facilities

The system manages the production processes with all related resources throughout the production stages in accordance with the manufacturer’s set of requirements.

Electronic Archiving

The system defines, indexes, and archives the documents in a data store and enables fast access.

Hotels plus

Hotel Plus system manages, processes and controls hotel reservations, reception and visitors stay with all relevant services.

Restaurants plus

An advanced system to manage the sales of restaurants, cafes and tourist parks of various types in different ways of providing services.

Land Transportation

The system manages the reservation and issuance of tickets, along with sent parcels and the ability of tracking trips via GPS.

Project Financial Management (IFR)

Manages small projects funding.

Tailoring Factories

The system delivers accounting and productivity management for different tailoring and brocading factories according to company's business nature and the products' selling place.

Administrative Software


Management Information System (MIS) provides financial and administrative analysis and generates detailed reports in various formats.

Human Resources

Integrated management of all employees' data. Delivers accurate and consistent information for management precise decisions making.

Time Attendance

A system that specialized in automated control of the attendance and management of the related variables of the employee's time and tasks.

Now Motakamel  Plus ERP  Applications…
Software installed on personal mobile devices to provide a professional and personal work environment for the user of Motakamel Plus ERP helps him to accomplish his tasks with additional technical means and quick procedures, and through the services of messaging, help and instructions.


By selecting the option you want from this menu you can access the basic information of the system.

  • For enterprise organization via solutions that achieve performance accuracy, resources efficiency and better investment.
  • For achieving balanced growth during business activities and organizational structure expansion.
  • For the flexibility and capability of expansion for achieving strong performance.
  • For our clients’ satisfaction and continual success in many countries.
  • For flexible configuration, user-friendly, secure data-saving and prompt outcomes.
  • For staff expertise in clients service, meeting needs promptly and ongoing software development with new versions.
  • For meeting our clients’ needs promptly via out continuous software development.
  • Creating users’ groups, granting users the necessary privileges by groups and controlling these privileges to each single user.
  • Management of opening new branches and activities or fiscal years, and inputting its necessary data and related accounting correlations.
  • Locking any transactions, accounts or users for certain periods; and closing financial periods monthly or annually with posting balances to a new fiscal year.
  • Controlling businesses through displaying transactions movement details by time, user or branch.
  • Scheduling automatic backup (daily, weekly, and monthly) through identifying number of copies, backup time, identified hard drive for saving backups with the capability to be restored at any time.
  • Selecting the theme, fonts and icons according to the user’s needs.

SMS Services:

For sending financial transaction’s notification to clients and suppliers; or accounts balances to the top management to be updated on the organization performance, then an SMS or Email is sent automatically after configuring the necessary information of SMS, Notifications, Sending Options and Recipients. The following are the main advantages:

SMS Advantages:

  1. Direct access for the transaction notifications by the concerned persons.
  2. Getting the required information without logging into the system.
  3. Updating accounts balances after carrying out any transactions.
  4. Sending explanatory messages or notes individually or collectively.

Help and Instructions:

Part of the user’s office work environment to achieve work quality, facilitate quick access to the required tools in the right time and easy access to (Help) information for any screen.

ServerIntel i7 Processor or Intel Xeon with 12GB RAM and 521GB Storage.
Ubuntu 16.04 Operating System,
TerminalsSystem is accessible from any terminal.
Reliability And SecurityDeveloped on MS SQL SERVER database that ensures data security and high accuracy, while featuring automatic secured secondary backup based on the admin preferences.
LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, French and Turkish.
System InstallationInstalled on client’s server.
CRM Mobile App is to be installed in client’s Smartphone.
After Sales Services
User uses CRM Mobile App for Technical Support order.
One Year free subscription to our Online “Remote” technical support.
Minor subscription fee is imposed after one year.
Systems are maintained by our team and Hardware is maintained by the client.


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