Motakamel Plus 5.2

Motakamel Plus v. 5.2

The updated version 2020 comprises a number of new and developed features;

General new features:

  • Dashboard is added to browse activity results and assess enterprise financial status.
  • QR is added and included in procedures screens.

General developed features:

  • Approval mechanism, levels and reports
  • Auditing financial records before final posting
  • Making orders system
  • Archiving system of procedures documents and the possibility to browse different processes
  • Accounts are linked with centers in daily entries and delivery/ receipt records.
  • Notifications of unapproved, unexecuted, unposted and suspended orders.

Motakamel Plus 2020 updates relevant to commerce:

A number of features are added and developed for the best interest of our clients in commerce field:

  • Batch number is added and used in all screens and reports, and stock is monitored according to batches.
  • Link accounts with cost centers
  • A developed mechanism for debt limits in all system procedures
  • Monitor exchange rate changes
  • Currency category is added and inventory can be conducted based on categories and cashiers.
  • Link client with a vendor using two accounts, and issue one account statement for both accounts.

For our clients in manufacture and production sector:

ERP solutions for manufacture and production are developed with a number of features:

  • Deal with cost according to actual and standard production orders.
  • Design more than one production path with cost differences, and include external production in total cost of production path.
  • Add more than one bill of materials for main/by-products according to production orders.
  • Charge indirect production expenses in percentages or fixed amounts.
  • Deal with wages and machines depreciation according to operating hours or number of produced units, or both.
  • Calculate final production cost according to actual/standard operation details, measure deviations, and deliver production with either cost type.

Motakamel Plus ERP 2020 for health and medical sector developed a number of new features:

  • Health insurance system
  • Appointments and reservation
  • A system for foreign workers testing linked with fingerprint device.
  • Medical records system
  • Sterilization system
  • In clinics system, doctors can design a specific template, save patient’s data, and browse them any time.
  • Doctors can make prescriptions according to international standards and automatically send them to pharmacy system.
  • In labs system, tests results can be automatically sent from lab equipment, and compared with normal values.
  • Tests results are sent as SMS, and patient can upload the link as a pdf file to print it or send it to the doctor.
  • Different ways for calculating medical claims for each service and each doctor.

New features of Motakamel Plus 2020 for banking sector

Now our clients can enjoy a number of new features in Motakamel Plus for exchange and transfer:

  • Multiple ways for sending transfers to agents and using direct network.
  • Multiple ways for receiving transfers: single, group or via network.
  • Save transfers modification records according to modification type.
  • Save users recycle bins as a control action.
  • Different policies for calculating companies or agents commissions.
  • Adopt a transfer lifetime and verification measures before disbursement.
  • Synchronize transfers with other exchange companies.

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