Hotels plus

Hotels plus

A system that manages the hotel reservations, reception, guest accommodation and various accommodation services. It also manages the hotel revenues and expenses by integrating it with the accounting system with great flexibility.

Main Configurations:

  • Define hotel data and system users and approve each user’s privileges as per their tasks and responsibilities.
  • Link Hotels Plus to the Onyx Pro or Al Motakamel Plus as per the approved linking options.
  • Configure the accommodation options (Rooms, Suites or Chalets), guest status, services, prices, etc.
  • Configure the accommodation plans’ options and adjust its settings with functions, colors, and more.
  • Prepare hotel restaurant meal types and laundry service options for the hotel or guest.

Main Functions:

  • Confirm the reservations requested by the guests.
  • Guest accommodation and add the planned procedure.
  • Add services to guests that are related to accommodation, restaurant, laundry, telephone or other services.
  • Billing the hotel operations according to the options required to be submitted for payment.
  • Ending the guest accommodation by checking the guest out and clear all pending amounts.
  • Prepare the accommodation after the guest checks out so that it can be vacant for the guest.
  • Post hotel transactions to the accounting system on time as per the options: service, room, guest, or any other approved option.

Main Features:

  • Deal with different reservation types for groups, companies, or custom offers.
  • Save a daily backup either inside or outside the network.
  • It was developed with Ms SQL Server database for high security and accuracy.
  • The restaurant and laundry services can be used by hotel guests or others.
  • Support in-room telephone service with available lines and record calls logs.
  • Quickly process users’ data for similar tasks simultaneously in different languages.
  • Use Hotels Plus in the preferred language of the client either Arabic, English, French or Turkish, and choose the suitable interface format for the user.
  • Manage hotel operations data accurately, quickly, safely and deliver results without errors.
  • Hotels Plus achieves highly reliable financial and administrative control for the owner, manager and user.
  • Hotels Plus is integrated with Ultimate Solutions systems such as the accounting systems, restaurant system and other systems to accomplish the hotel financial and administrative operations with high efficiency, precision and speed.

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