Information Management

Information Management displays analytical and total summaries of the financial or administrative transactions and provides multiple reports formats, and other detailed reports that are useful for the user.


  • Fixed Reports: Available and ready Formats for comparisons and detailed information from accountings, inventory, purchases and sales.
  • Report Designer: Wizard to provide customizations that suits user requirements and management needs.

Reports Designer Steps:

  • Create a new template for your desired report.
  • Select fields or columns to add in the report as per your requirements.
  • Design the final report page where the report information will appear.
  • Confirm reports filters and how they appear.
  • Categorize the report into Fixed or Designed Report that can be viewed and edited.
  • The report icon appears in the label list and it is selectable when needed.

Main Features:

  • Create detailed or total reports that allow the user to get the required outcomes.
  • Ease of designing the report as per the requirements.
  • Take advantage of the instructions that appear with each step of the Design Wizard.
  • Format the report page by selecting the appropriate fonts and colors as desired by the user.
  • Easily move from the current report to the detailed reports by Hyperlink for verification.
  • Export the report to email or to PDF, XLS, RTF files for viewing or printing.

Information management provides the Motakamel Plus with integrated financial and administrative reports in a distinct presentation environment for better decision making.

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