Stock & Inventory

Stock & Inventory

Manages items with their data, prices, transactions details, control of operations, and carry out the stocktalking to confirm the actual items balances effectively and automatically at any point of time.

Main Settings:

  • Determine how inventory costs are calculated.
  • Select the stock currency and the pricing currency.
  • Define the measurement units.
  • Add warehouses and shelves data.
  • Define the items’ groups and link them to accounts.
  • Add items details in their respective groups.

Inventory Main Functions:

  • Add the opening inventory as an opening balance of the items.
  • Confirm items prices at multiple levels.
  • Receive requests for inventory transactions such as materials issuance orders or their transfer.
  • Confirm stock transaction for incomings, outgoings, exchange, returns and transfers between stores.
  • Issue inventories lists and confirm quantity differences against the actual available quantity.
  • Stock adjustments can solve the inventory differences in stock and cost as well.
  • Generates items reports including their movements and turnover with multiple options.
  • Handling items’ serial numbers, expiry dates and service items as well.
  • Issuing item barcode automatically and printing labels.
  • Dealing with compound items.
  • Confirm Goods Received Note “GRN”.
  • Dealing with weights and measures and converting between different sizes used in wood, iron, tile and other processes.
  • Ease of stocktaking at any time and directly confirm it stock adjustment.
  • Ease of importing any data related to item or inventory from Excel spreadsheets.
The Inventory is connected with Al Motakamel Plus Modules, financial statements and costs centers, as it achieves a flexible and fast outgoing and incoming transactions among branches and stores.

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