Medical Sector

An advanced system to manage the commissions system, clinics, laboratory, radiology department and procedures system with easy screens that receive all procedures related to all specialties and the convenient filter based on specialty and follow-up procedure.

Main Configurations:

Commission System Main Features:

  • The system is featured with multiple commissions (ratios) for a single doctor at a single service level based on the company policy.
  • The possibility of distributing ratios per service for more than one doctor in different categories with the ability of changing of the actual ratios.
  • The possibility of confirming ratios after entering the patient’s file to ensure the implementation of the operation and entitling the ratio to the doctor directly.

 Clinics System Features:

  • The clinics system is featured with the cumulative patient electronic file for all visits.
  • It features a flexible preview screen for all medical specialties.
  • The possibility of designing additional screens for the doctor when needed.

 Laboratory System Features:

  • The laboratory system is featured with a flexible screen from which all required tests are accessible.
  • It supports tissue examinations with different antibiotic-related models.
  • Ease of linking with laboratory equipment to post the results to/from the device directly to the medical system.

X-Ray System Features:

  • The X-Ray system features an easy and flexible interface to handle all Radiology types.
  • Ease of dealing with the X-Ray reports.
  • The possibility of linking with X-Ray devices via PACs.

Procedures System Features:

  • The procedure system is featured with an easy screen that receives all procedures related to all specialization and easy filtering as per specialization and follow-up procedure.
  • The procedure patterns are easy to handle with Microsoft Word.

Medical Sessions System Features:

  • The system supports payments in the form of installments and automatically controls to session after the confirming the patient’s amount.
  • The system is used for the treatment sessions such as dental, tumors and therapy sessions.
  • Ease of dealing with more than one type of sessions per patient.

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